Bibliography for FNIS 401F: Indigenous New Media

Below is the reading list for FNIS 401F a special topics course I teach in the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program at the University of British Columbia. 

Dowell, Kristen. “Vancouver’s Aboriginal Media World.” Sovereign Screens: Aboriginal Media on the Canadian West Coast. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2013. 1-20.

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Guglietti, Maria Victoria. “Aboriginal Internet Art and the Imagination of Community.” Understanding Community Media. Sage  Publications, 2009. 134-142.

Haas, Angela M. “Wampum as Hypertext: An American Indian Intellectual Tradition of Multimedia Theory and Practice.” Studies  in American Indian Literature 19.4 (2007): 77-100.

Hopkins, Candice. “Making things Our Own: The Indigenous Aesthetic in Digital Storytelling.” Leonardo 39.4 (2006): 341-44.

Lewis, Jason and Skawennati Tricia Fragnito. “Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace.” Cultural Survival 29.2 Indigenous Peoples  Bridging the Digital Divide (Summer 2005)

Loft, Stephen. “Media Cosmology.” Coded Territories: Tracing Indigenous Pathways in New Media Art. Eds. Stephen Loft and  Kerry Swanson. Calgary: University of Calgary Press. 170-186.

McPherson, Tara. “Why are the Digital Humanities so White: Thinking the Histories of Race and Computation.” Debates in the  Digital Humanities. Ed. Matthew K. Gold. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2012.

Nakamura, Lisa. “Indigenous Circuits: Navajo Women and the Racialization of Early Electronic Manufacture.” American  Quarterly 66.4 (2014): 919-941.

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Pechawis, Archer. “Not So Much a Land Claim.” Accessed April 22, 2014.

Rickard, Jolene. “First Nation Territory in Cyber Space Declared: No Treaties Needed.” Accessed April 22,  2014.

Sandvig, Christian. “Connection at Ewiiaapaayp Mountain: Indigenous Internet Infrastructure.” Race After the Internet. Eds.  Lisa Nakamura and Peter Chow-White. New York: Routledge, 2011. 168-200.

Todd, Loretta. “Aboriginal Narratives in Cyberspace.” Immersed in Technology: Art and Virtual Environments. Eds. Mary Anne  Moser and Douglas MacLeod. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1996. 179-194.

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