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On Wonderworks and Indigenous World-Building: A Travel Guidebook Assignment for Darcy Little Badger’s Elatsoe

This in-class exercise is based on Darcy Little Badger’s novel Elatsoe and chapter four of Daniel Heath Justice’s Why Indigenous Literatures Matter Indigenous wonderworks are neither strictly “fantasy” nor “realism,” but maybe both at once, or something else entirely, although they generally push against the expectations of rational materialism. They rooted in the specificities of […]

“Doughnut holes”: Speculative Fiction, Myths of Dystopia and the Settler State of Exception

Nalo Hopkinson’s speculative fiction novel Brown Girl in the Ring is a fictionalized extension of the on-going court battle between the Canadian state and the Teme-Augama of Northern Ontario. Read through the lens of redress and reconciliation it provides unique insight into settler anxieties over the contemporary “land back” movement.