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All too often we write papers, hand them in or deliver them at a poorly attended conference, and then leave them to collect digital dust on our laptops. Novel Alliances began as a space to honour the labour we, as students and teachers, put into research and pedagogy. We invite submissions on Indigenous issues circulating around literature, politics, pedagogy, and new media. We prioritize submissions from students, teachers, and emerging authors.

Novel Alliances has a small, but friendly readership connected to Indigenous Studies and New Media audiences in Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a great space for those new to publishing to share work in a space with lower stakes than an academic journal, but bigger stakes than a word document. The goal of the blog is to disseminate new work by teachers and students writing in the broad fields of Critical Indigenous Studies and New Media and to create a safe space for emerging authors to find their feet in the world of academic publishing. We also encourage collective statements of learning from Indigenous Studies and New Media classes.

We hope that publishing with Novel Alliances will be a step towards publishing with an academic journal, not an end point in itself.

Submissions are vetted, and authors receive feedback from an editorial team, but the author maintains 100% of the copyright and can edit or remove the post at anytime. Posts should be academic in nature (although “academic” is broadly defined) and sources should be properly referenced. Images are subject to copyright.

Please send your submissions (1500-5000 words) to

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