“Poor Impulse Control”: Remediation as a Decolonial Reading Practice

In my Indigenous new media and digital storytelling class, my students and I use remediation as a means to interrogate text and to consider what sovereignty might mean in terms of art. Remediation—refashioning one media in another—provides the opportunity to... Read more

“What’s A Story Like You Doing In A Place Like This?”: Cyberspace, New Media and Indigenous Speculative Fiction

For many uninformed readers Indigenous Science Fiction (sf) is an oxymoron. But Indigenous authors, programmers and artists have been imaging futures in speculative fiction and the digital for decades. Read more

“Doughnut holes”: Speculative Fiction, Myths of Dystopia and the Settler State of Exception

Nalo Hopkinson's speculative fiction novel Brown Girl in the Ring is a fictionalized extension of the on-going court battle between the Canadian state and the Teme-Augama of Northern Ontario. Read through the lens of redress and reconciliation it provides unique insight into… Read more