Job Title Database Developer  — Ridington Dane-zaa Archive (RDA) repatriation & digital storytelling project 


Job Class Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

Department UBC Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies 

Duration 4-month, part time position, with possibility of continuance 

Hours Total of 165 hours, working up to 20 hours a week with some flexibility 

Pay $25-30/hour depending on experience 

Start Date  July 31, 2021 

End Date November 30, 2021 

Apply by July 12, 2021 – position will remain open until filled 

Project Background 

Ridington Dane-zaa Archive (RDA) repatriation & digital storytelling project:   
The UBC Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies has partnered with Dane-zaa communities and the stewards of the Ridington Dane-zaa collection of ethnographic materials, the largest single collection of materials about a subarctic group in the world, to facilitate digital curation (archiving), repatriation, and community exhibition using digital storytelling technologies for materials contained in the Ridington Dane-zaa archive.  

Job Description 

The database developer will work with a small team of cultural and digital humanities experts to research and develop a database system for the long-term digital curation of the Ridington Dane-zaa Archive which meets community needs for tiered access, incorporation of Indigenous subjects and language materials, and the protection of culturally sensitive materials to augment a standard metadata schema.  Activities will include needs assessment, research, prototyping, and full customization of an existing open source platform or development of a custom built platform.   

Skillset / Experience Required 

  • Computer Science, Archive or Library Science degree or training 
  • Database research, design, and architecture development 
  • Full Stack development skills including Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python 
  • Knowledge of metadata standards 
  • Data migration 
  • API Integration to synchronize multiple software applications within a database system 
  • Workflow documentation / system use training 

Skillset / Experience Preferred 

  • Experience with User Experience (UX) research and implementation 
  • Experience with Web Applications including HTML, Java  
  • Experience working with Indigenous or sensitive cultural datasets  
  • Database Administration (maintenance, backup) 

Duties and Responsibilities  

The work will involve the following duties as assigned by the supervisors.   

  1. Research and Needs Assessment assistance 
  1. Prototyping 
  1. Development and Customization 
  1. Batch migration / Data entry 
  1. Documentation of tools and workflows  

Learning Opportunities 

This position will provide the successful applicant with experience working with an interdisciplinary team of professionals, academics, and Indigenous stakeholders as they develop and optimize a digital archive system for Indigenous heritage materials tailored to the particular social organization and needs of Dane-zaa/Athapaskan peoples, as regards database categories and Dane-zaa/Athapaskan-specific principles for ownership, use, attribution, circulation, and protection of physical and digital heritage materials.  

A successful applicant will finish with a strong portfolio showcasing their contributions to Indigenous-centred digital asset management protocols, indigenization/decolonization practices, and interactive media display research and development. 


Principal Investigators Dr. David Gartner of UBC Institute of Critical Indigenous Studies and Amber Ridington, MA, independent scholar and community liaison. 

Working Environment 

  • Work will be conducted from the successful applicant’s home/office with the possibility of meetings on the UBC Point Grey campus.   
  • The successful applicant must provide their own computer. Additional resources available through the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies.

Application Deadline and Contact 

Applications will be reviewed on July 15, 2021.   
Please send inquiries and applications (resume and cover letter) to both Dr. David Gaertner and Amber Ridington at: 

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