FNIS 220: Representation and Indigenous Cultural Politics

FNSP 220 explores the ways that Indigenous peoples seek to overcome the legacies of settler colonialism and claim sovereignty and self-determination through cultural production and critique. In this course, we will examine contemporary articulations of Indigenous identity, politics, and cultural traditions in the fields of literature, film, video games, and other modes of resurgent cultural expression. We will examine both critiques of mainstream representations of Indigenous peoples as well as Indigenous perspectives on popular culture, urban indigeneity, history, politics, and contemporary decolonization struggles.

Each class session will focus on a theme relevant to the course topic and reading materials. The course will be comprised of a combination of class lectures, guest speakers, group discussions, and in-class film screenings. Emphasis will be placed on generating group discussions and class participation whenever possible. Students and Instructor tweet relevant course material under the hashtag #FNIS220

FNIS 220_Syllabus

FNIS 220_Schedule

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