FNIS 300: Writing for Indigenous Studies

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In this course, we will be honing writing skills for Indigenous studies with emphasis on writing for and with community and against patriarchy, racism, and settler colonialism. Through this course, you will work towards becoming more aware of your writing process: which means being mindful (and sometimes critical) of your thinking process, your drafting process, your revising process, and your writing habits. While much of this course is about preparing you to write in academic contexts, we will also be examining the structures that (re)produce and maintain writing as a system of power and oppression. Addressing concepts such as positionality, citational politics, and writing against racism, among others, we will work together to write against that system while holding space for Indigenous voices and decolonial politics.

FNIS 300 is geared specifically for students in the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program. We focus on developing and honing writing skills used in an FNIS practicum placement, or in working with/for an Indigenous community organization. Assignments include, an annotated bibliography, literature review, research statement, and op-ed article. Dependent on availability, lectures include visits by Indigenous scholars and authors.

FNIS 300_Syllabus


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